Getting a drivers license is something everyone remembers vividly, hopefully for good reasons! My drivers education classes and behind the wheel training happened in more of a rural setting. Back roads, gravel, that type of thing. If I had to learn how to drive in the St. Cloud area, here are the areas I would for sure want to practice!

1. The Cash Wise Parking Lot - Either location in Waite Park or East. I'm not sure why, but every time I'm in a Cash Wise parking lot it is a nightmare of crazy drivers. All new drivers should have to practice maneuvering them, trial by fire.

2. Golden Spike Rd/ 2nd St. N in Sauk Rapids - There is no better road than that one for learning how to use a Roundabout. Because that stretch of road is all Roundabout.


3. Division, from 3-6pm - To test the patience of the new driver. And practice stoplight etiquette.

4. Crossroads Mall - Laps around the mall. Helps teach braking for pedestrians, parking, dealing with buses, and gently approaching stop signs.

5. SCSU Campus/Lake George Area - Lots of one-way's and stop signs. Good practice for paying attention to signs!

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