I love Halloween and especially scary movies. Here are the five movies I can count on to scare the crap out of me around this time every year.



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Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Nobody scares me more than "Leatherface" from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  I'm not talking about all the remakes from the last several years, I'm talking about the original movie released back in 1974.  I do love anything related to the franchise but nothing beats Gunnar Hansen (the original) Leatherface.



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A Nightmare on Elm Street

Now here's a guy that can get you in your sleep.  He was and still is every kids worst nightmare.  The boogie man does exist in the form of Freddy Kruger from A Nightmare on Elm Street.  Once again, the original movie from 1984 directed by Wes Craven.  I found anything after the original to be more comedy than horror.  I remember watching this for the first time when I was seven years old and having to sleep in my sisters room for weeks afterwards.  I can still see those razor sharp fingernails and hear those creepy little girls singing "One Two Freddy's Coming For You."



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Friday the 13th

Now here's a guy you don't want to run into when your out camping with family and friends up north.  I don't know who scared me more, Jason Voorhees or his creepy mother Pamela Voorhees, played brilliantly by Betsy Palmer back in 1980.  The original (see a theme here?) Friday the 13th is a classic and is the reason I never went to any summer camp ever.




Poltergeist, Poltergeist II: The Other Side

The last two come from the same franchise. Poltergeist was both a curse and a blessing in my house.  Heather O'Rourke (Carol Anne) was both one of the cutest and scariest kids to ever grace the silver screen.  I use to scare my sister to death after watching this movie.  I would make our rocking chair move by itself, I put a clown in her bed and had more fun seeing her freak out then any other bratty brother in history.  This movie came out in 1982 and produced an even scarier sequel in 1986 called Poltergeist II:  The Other Side.  The Reverend Kane played by Julian Beck is one of the all time scariest characters ever.  His singing and laughing haunted me for many years.

"You're Going to Die in There, You're all Going to Die."  freakiest line from the movie. Watch this clip and you'll see why! For some reason kids or old people singing freaks me out beyond belief.