My family needs board games to distract us all for talking about politics. So, my husband and I always make sure to bring the fun and get everyone bonding with each other. We always bring our crate of games. Here are our top five best games to play with family. 

1. One Night Ultimate Werewolf: This game is super easy to learn, everyone can play and it's interactive. It'll get your whole family talking, accusing each other and scheming together. You don't need a lot of space and it goes quick. This game is perfect for families with short attention spans.

2. Pricetiution: This game is hilarious...but, I probably wouldn't play it with little kids or your super conservative grandma. The premise of the game is that everyone has a price. Your job is to figure out what that price is. (For example: How much would it take for Aunt Becky to eat Thanksgiving dinner off the floor?) Everyone makes their guesses and the closest guess to what Aunt Becky wrote down, wins the round.

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3. Apples To Apples and Cards Against Humanities: This is a super fun card game to play that'll keep everyone engaged throughout. If you're playing with children, I'd stick with Apples To Apples...but, if you're playing with adults and mature teens, I'd totally recommend Cards Against Humanities.

4. Catan: This game takes about an hour to play if you're lucky. It can be long, but it's full of strategy and fun. Once everyone understands the rules, this quickly becomes the best board game mankind has ever known.

5. Ticket To Ride: The rules are easy to learn and it's heavily based on strategy. The goal is to build the longest railroad system in the United States. But, other players can block your progress. What makes this game great is that it doesn't take all day to play and it's really easy to catch on.

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