National Minnesota Day is celebrated on March 1st every year, even though the day we joined the union was technically May 11th, 1858. But around these parts, we will take any excuse we can get to celebrate the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Here are some fun facts to toss around today to fellow Minnesotans.

1. We Have a State Muffin

Minnesota's state muffin is the blueberry muffin. The state muffin was adopted in 1988 and it even has its own statute. It isn't just any recipe either, there is an official blueberry muffin recipe for our beloved treat.

2. There are Way More Than 10,000 Lakes

There are actually about 11,842 lakes in Minnesota, and if we start counting the smaller ones that number jumps up to roughly 15,000. There are plenty to go around.

3. The First Open Heart Surgery and First Bone Marrow Transplant Happened Here

Minnesota leads the way when it comes to advancements in the medical field, thanks to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

4. We Have a State Soil

I don't think I could tell you what any other state's official soil is, but I can tell you that Minnesota's is "lester". It is the soil just above the "loam" layer that is dark brown, rich in decaying vegetation, and crumbly as cake.  The more you know!

5. The State is Named After River Water

The word "Minnesota" comes from a combination of two Dakota words, "mní sóta" which means clear blue water, and "Mníssota" which means cloudy water. We have plenty of sky blue waters around, so I'd say we live up to our name.

Share your favorite Minnesota fun facts with us on our mobile app. Happy National Minnesota Day! Maybe next year we will get a day off to celebrate.

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