I know, I know -- I'm supposed to be the one getting gifts on my birthday.

But, friends and family have been so generous this year in digging up some of my best -- or, rather, most embarrassing -- moments from years past, I thought I'd share them with you to enjoy as well.

My sister Abigail has a knack for digging up old, embarrassing photos to share on major calendar days (ie. birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). This year, she dug up a photo of the two of us some Christmas past in which I apparently thought it was cool to not wear pants.

Adam Rozanas
Adam Rozanas

My senior year attending the University of Northwestern St. Paul, my radio co-host Dave and I hosted the Fall Variety Show. There were two variety shows each year -- one in the Fall and one in the Spring. The Fall show was usually poorly attended, but everybody came out for the Spring show. Dave and I really wanted to create a Fall show that would leave everybody talking afterwards, so we promoted the heck out of it. Here's one of our promotional videos that played to the student body during a chapel:

Another "highlight" of my college career was dabbling in television. I spent several semesters working with the campus tv station dreaming of becoming the next Ryan Seacrest. Were it not for the awful fauxhawk haircut and over-sized suit coat, I probably would have made it, too.

Every few years the aircheck of my final radio show -- The Morning Show and Adam and Dave -- makes a reappearance, and this year is another such occasion. Co-hosted with the same Dave I hosted the Fall Variety Show with, this morning show really was one of the highlights of my college radio career, and the aircheck brings back a lot of fond memories. You can listen below.

Before joining Townsquare Media in St. Cloud, I worked for a couple years at a radio station in Oklahoma. Apparently, I thought it would be funny to pretend I was the next Steve Erwin and go "hunting" for crickets. I'm embarrassed to share this...

These memories may be outlandish at best, embarrassing at worst, but I'm grateful for every one of them. They remind me of 28 great years. Thanks for celebrating with me.

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