The Minnesota State Fair is coming up August 22 through September 22. If you're planning on attending it this year, make sure you have the best time possible by bringing a squad of people who meet the criteria on this list! I'm convinced that anyone who doesn't fall into these categories will only soil your experience.


1. Someone who doesn't mind lines. Let's face it, the fair is all about waiting your turn for everything. You'll want to assemble the same crew you do for your Black Friday shopping. If you're serious about your fair game, you know some things are worth the wait.

2. Someone who has money. The state fair isn't have to pay for your admission and sometimes parking--and those are just the costs to get into the door. You haven't even sampled food yet and you're already forking over a good chunk of change. You don't want to be responsible for paying for your friend's fun too.

3. People who like to Share. State fair portion sizes are huge. If you're stingy with your food, you won't be able to try very many dishes. Assemble a squad of people who are all ready to share their food!

4. Someone with a pallet that's ready for adventure. I mean, it's the state fair for cryin' out loud! You need to be OK with trying fried pickles on a stick and other strange things. Leave your chicken strips and french fries friends home.

5. Someone who doesn't mind walking! That's pretty much all you do at the state fair. There's so much to do and so much to see. You gotta try to get it all in!

After reviewing this list, I've concluded that I should leave my son and my husband home. Anyone want to go to the state fair with me?

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