Everyone loves a good Fourth of July BBQ. Getting friends and family together, eating grilled hot dogs and then washing it down with apple pie and watching things explode in the sky. Ahhhh, America.

A few websites decided to break down the holiday by the numbers and I wanted to share the highlights with the Mix Insiders!

It will only cost about $56 to throw a barbecue for 10 people according to a survey.  That includes hot dogs, buns, burgers, ribs, sides, and non-alcoholic drinks like lemonade and juice.

Competitive Eaters Square Off At Fourth of July Hot Dog-Eating Contest
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On average, 150 million hot dogs are consumed every Fourth of July.

700 million pounds of chicken are purchased in the week leading up to July 4th.

67% of all annual fireworks injuries take place within a month of July 4th. Be smart when lighting up explosives this weekend

What's your favorite "Fourth of July" food? Leave me a comment below!

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