Winter is only just getting started and a warm vacation is starting to sound better and better. If you're itching to get the heck out of the cold and spend time in your version of paradise then listen up! We're drawing a winner for Dream Getaway 40 on Friday. We've already sent 39 central Minnesotans on their dream vacation. You could be next. I've had a lot of people ask me what else they can be doing other than collecting codes to increase their chances of winning. Here are my insider tips to help you score that dream vacation! Good luck!


1. Download the Mix 94.9 mobile app. It's free in the App Store and Google Play. We'll send you a bonus code word on Thursdays to plug into the website. It's an extra entry into the contest that only people with the app get.

2. Have a network of people who are listening to the radio at times when you're unable to that can grab that code word. We've all got busy schedules that take us away from the radio, so having others who are looking out for you is vital! Maybe get 4 people together who are each in charge of one hour today.

3. Set your phone alarm to alert you a few minutes before the codes are given out (7:20 a.m., 10:20 a.m., 1:20 p.m. & 5:20 p.m.).

4. Don't wait to put the code word into the website. You have until midnight tonight to put in the codes otherwise they expire. Don't take the chance of forgetting to plug them in. I'd just do it right away..

That's it! It's that simple...or complicated haha! Good luck!

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