Keeping your dollars local is more important now than ever--because, when you support someone right here in our community, you're helping that person have a happy holiday of their own.

For one day only, you'll be able to shop over 20 local vendors during the 3rd annual 'Makers' Market' on Saturday, December 5.

The event is at The Regency Venue from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. hosted by Something out of Nothing Pottery.

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It's an annual event that features local products including; painting, woodworking, pottery, candles, jewelry, honey products, functional ceramics, decorative ceramics, mixed media, locally made pastries and treats, houseware, calligraphy, mittens and cozy gifts and more.

According to the event's website, most of the items are under $100, "A large percentage in the $25-$50 range." So, if you've got a white elephant gift exchange with a spending cap, this might be perfect for you!

  • Sara Hebert with Mixed Media
  • Grant Kaihoi with woodworking
  • Donna Jarve with painting
  • Danielle Dinger with pottery
  • Lindsay Pope with candles
  • Liv Hebert with Jewelry and honey products
  • David Glenn with functional ceramics
  • Cindy Pope with decorative ceramics
  • Jolane Wood with Jolie Olie's pastries and treats
  • Erica Knudson with housewares
  • Jessie Schroder with textiles and more
  • Jill Beck with Elderberry syrup and health products
  • Robin Heinen with Triple H Acres
  • Josie Dinger with Nuts for Nuts
  • Harriette Chwialkowski with beaded jewelry and crochet
  • Anna Sauer with fudge
  • Lydia Nygaard with calligraphy
  • Anika Van Vooren with granola
  • Shelby Teal with Rolling Vibes (handmade jewelry and artwork)
  • Melissa Sjogren with Home Decor Group
  • Betty Malm with Betty's Mittens
  • Cahlean with Atomic Collars (Upcycled dog collars, scarves and sweatshirts for dogs)
  • Sarah Drake with Nanou's Promise
  • The Ruth Experience with Kendra Roehl
  • Abby Foster with Favorite Things (Beeswax candles and sign decor)
  • Hailey Koep with Silver by H (mixed metal jewelry art)

Masks and other health and safety guidelines will be required to get into the event. There will be space for social distancing. The Regency Venue is located at 912 West St. Germain in downtown St. Cloud.

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