My 29th birthday is coming up in less than a month. I've been thinking about how fast my 20's went. There are so many things I want to do before I turn 30. These things are tasks I want to accomplish but also traits I want to develop and carry with me into my 30's. I want to leave bad habits behind me. Here's my list! What are some of the things you've got on your bucket list if you're not 30 yet? Did you make a list like this before you turned 30?


1. I want to host a dinner party with a delicious homemade dish.

2. Finally finish our basement bathroom project.

3. Build a deck

4. Save up 6 months salary emergency fund.

5. Find a crafting hobby and get really good at it.

6. Travel alone, OR have a weekend to myself.

7. Redo the flooring in my kitchen myself.

8. Take better care of my skin.

9. Lose 10 pounds.

10. Read one book per month.

11. Create my dream bedroom.

12. Finish my basement bathroom.

13. Join a community ed. group.

14. Leave social media for one month.

15. Be debt free minus the house.

16. Learn how to coupon and shop smarter.

17. Invest.

18. Put more money in my retirement account.

19. Develop a more 'adult' style.

20. Give more.

21. Organize the garage & have a garage sale.

22. Renew my real estate license as my side hustle.

23. Redecorate my living room.

24. Exercise for 30 days in a row.

25. Drink more water.

26. Only speak positively about myself and others, even if I don't like them.

27. Meet more people!

28. Go to an actual yoga class.

29. Spend more quality time with my family.

30. Stop eating out of the house and start cooking at home more.

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