I can't be the only weather geek in the area. I love watching summer storms develop from the comfort of my front porch while eating snacks and listening to local weather reports. For me, it's like going to the movies...it's thrilling, it's exciting and a little dangerous.

Now, I'm in no way hoping for tornadoes to develop (I'd be terrified out of my mind) or destruction to the area. But, I do love a good thunderstorm every now and then! Plus, my grass could use a little rain right now (a lot of rain right now).

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I've been seeing storms in our forecast for the last two weeks...and NOTHING. The sky will look like it's going to do something and then, you guessed it, the sky clears up and avoids our area altogether. I've watched the weather radar for a massive storm system break apart over St. Cloud and redevelop again once it passes over the area. Weird, right?!

I've lived in St. Cloud for nearly all my life...born and raised. I've heard several theories as to why storms always seem to miss the St. Cloud area. Now, these are just theories...perhaps even rumors. Take these theories with a grain of salt and realize that perhaps we just get very 'lucky' during severe weather season.

1. The granite has something to do with it. St. Cloud is called the Granite City. People have speculated that maybe the granite somehow wards off bad weather.

2. St. Cloud has several tall buildings which keep the bad weather away. I've heard this rumor from people who live in major cities too. I'm no weather expert, but it's definitely a theory.

3. St. Cloud has a curse over it. I first heard this rumor from one of my college professors so take it with a grain of salt. I've also heard several other people throw this scenario out there in random weather conversation. Apparently, someone cursed St. Cloud in an effort to cause drought to the area. This theory doesn't seem to hold up very well because our area still gets rain.

So, in short, who really knows why major storms have missed us. Maybe we're just lucky or maybe one of the three scenarios above play a big part. Why do you think storms seem to always miss our area?

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