Celebrate Father's Day this weekend at the just-opened 22 Northmen Brewing Co. in Alexandria, MN!

Last summer the family behind Carlos Creek Winery kicked off a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to open their own brewery and taproom. One year later to the week, they're set to open the doors to the public of 22 Northmen Brewing Company!

According to The Growler, 22 Northmen takes its name from the first line of the Kensington Runestone -- "8 Swedes and 22 Norwegians on an exploration journey from Vinland westward.” Needless to say, everything about 22 Northmen's taproom and brewery will be very Viking-inspired -- from the vaulted ceilings and dark wood interior of the long Viking-hall taproom to the very Scandinavian beers. Alexandria's second brewery will be a nod to its rich history and community.

The head brewer Keith Hefley comes with 18 years of brewing experience including at Fitger's Brewhouse in Duluth, two breweries in Colorado and one in St. Louis, MO. He intends to keep his beer true to the Scandinavian culture with Norwegian-styles beers while also expanding, as the Vikings did, into other cultures touched by the Irish -- Irish porters, German Pilsners and Belgian pale ales.

22 Northmen's grand opening is set for Saturday, June 15 at 12:00pm. Weekly hours following will be Sunday-Wednesday noon-8:00pm and Thursday-Saturday noon to 10pm. The taproom will be located within a stone's throw of Carlos Creek Winery at 

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