The pop stars at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards might get excited over the awards portion of the ceremony, but the stellar performances are really what keeps the audience and at-home viewers engaged.

In this performance list for the 2012 Billboard Music Awards, we are recapping all of the dazzling live shows that artists like Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson treated us to throughout the evening.

A shirtless Breezy took the stage for his 2012 Billboard Music Award performance amid a gang of dancers and BMX bikers. The cyclists were doing tricks on a halfpipe behind the crooner as he performed ‘Turn Up the Music’ and, of course, entertained us with his unbelievable choreography. Justin Bieber might not be able to dance up to Brown’s speed, but he certainly did a great job while performing his “swaggie” and seductive new single ‘Boyfriend.’

Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson, on the other hand, brought things down a couple notches with their more somber performances. Both ladies debuted new tracks — Perry performed a brand-new song called ‘Wide Awake’ while Clarkson belted out her new single ‘Dark Side.’ During her theatrical ‘Wide Awake’ performance, Perry channeled her inner acrobat as she sang the emotional song from a suspended swing. On the other hand, Clarkson didn’t use any ambience other than a fiery red light for her ‘Dark Side’ performance, reflecting the song’s burning message.

Click through the links we’ve provided below to watch all of the performance from the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. Let us know which was your favorite in the comments below.

2012 Billboard Music Award Performances:

Alicia Keys + Stevie Wonder [WATCH HERE]

Carrie Underwood [WATCH HERE]

Carly Rae Jepsen [WATCH HERE]

Cee Lo Green + Goodie Mob [WATCH HERE]

Chris Brown [WATCH HERE]

Jordin Sparks + John Legend’s Whitney Houston Tribute [WATCH HERE]

Justin Bieber [WATCH HERE]

Katy Perry [WATCH HERE]

Kelly Clarkson [WATCH HERE]

Linkin Park [WATCH HERE]


Natasha Bedingfield’s Donna Summer Tribute [WATCH HERE]

Nelly Furtado [WATCH HERE]


The Wanted [WATCH HERE]

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