If you've ever been to a county fair in Minnesota, you know how fun they are! There are so many amazing things like, the rides, the food, the animals, the activities, the cheese curds...did I mention the food? One of my favorite things about attending a Minnesota county fair is the people watching. It's so fun because there are certain things you'll see at every fair, without fail. Check out the list below.

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Food smashed on the ground. And, you won't be able to recognize what food it used to be either because it's been walked on hundreds of times.

Kids crying. It doesn't make sense. You'd think kids would be so happy at the fair, but kids are always crying.

Politician. You can't even get away from politics at the fair.

Toilet paper on the floor of the bathroom. I'm still not sure how this one seems to always happen...there's a huge toilet bowl for toilet paper...yet, it'll still end up on the floor.

The hard sell in the game area. There's always so much pressure to play games. That's why you'll see so many people trying their best to avoid eye contact with the ones who run the games.

Inappropriate outfits/T-shirts. You know the kinds.

People walking barefoot. Let me remind you of all of the smashed food on the ground we just talked about...ick.

Diaper on the ground. Every year, without fail you'll find that rogue diaper on the ground. In 2019 I found 3 diapers on the ground.

Adults with huge stuffed animals. It's cute when adults win things for kids. But, what does an adult do with a giant surf they won at the fair if they don't have children?

Sweat stains. It's hot, and there's almost zero relief from the heat...pitting out is a real fair vibe.

Fanny packs. It's where we keep the tickets, cash and our hidden stash of mini donuts.

Parent acting like the stroller is the cart. It's so packed that the kids can't even sit in it.

Balloons...where is everyone always finding these? It seems like everyone and their grandma knows where to find the free balloons --except for me.

Puke. This one is so gross and it's always in the walk way. Why is it always in the walk way!?

Someone sleeping. Yes, there's always that random person sleeping on a bench, or against a building...or in the grass. I guess the heat makes some people sleepy.

Fair influencers. They're just there to take pictures of their food and update their Instagram.

Lines at the ATM...and receipts on the ground...next to the garbage. Without fail there'll be a huge pile of ATM receipts laying right next to the half full garbage can.

Teens on awkward first dates. It sticks out like a sore thumb.

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