Are you hoping to add to your family and adopt a fur baby this holiday? Before you start your search, you should check out Tri-County Humane Society.

Right now, they have 18 dogs up for adoption ranging in bread, size, age, gender, and personality type.

To start the process, you just have to fill out a pre-adoption questionnaire to help narrow down which animals will be the best fit for you. You'll also be able to make an appointment to see the dogs too.

You can also browse through successful adoption stories on the shelter's website. According to TCHS, "animals are adopted quickly ... we advise you to call us if you find an animal you are interested in to place a travel hold or deposit on them."

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The dog will be held for two full business days with a $20 non-refundable fee. If you decide to adopt the dog, then the $20 will go toward your pet adoption fee.

Tri-County Humane Society has a dog training program called GoodPup. It's a great opportunity for you to customize your training at an affordable price.

If you love dogs but you're not interested in adopting at this time, you can still get involved and help out. You can donate, fundraise, volunteer, and even foster an animal. Check out more details on the Tri-County Humane Society website and browse through all of the dogs up for adoption.

Dogs Up For Adoption


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