SAUK RAPIDS (WJON News) -- The Sauk Rapids-Rice culinary team has qualified for the national competition again this year. They are the 16-time state champions out of the 18 years the Minnesota State ProStart Invitational has been held.

Teacher Mary Levinski says their first-place finish came in the Management division where teams have to develop and present a business plan for a new restaurant concept.

They did a farm-to-table Greek fusion with American concepts.  That trend is really on point right now, according to the research that they found.

The restaurant that they created is called "Detemer's Harvest" honoring the Greek goddess of the harvest and agriculture.

The team will present their concept at the national competition in Washington, D.C. May 2nd through the 4th. Last year the Sauk Rapids-Rice team finished second in the nation.

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SR-R Culinary, submitted photo
SR-R Culinary submitted photo

In the Culinary division, Sauk Rapids-Rice finished third in the state.

They have to create a three-course meal in 60 minutes using no electrical appliances or gadgets.  They get two butane burners and they have to make an appetizer, an entree with a starch and a vegetable, and a dessert.

The students are judged on knife skills, teamwork, sanitation, presentation and taste. For their appetizer they served leza seabass, the entree was wagyu beef, and the dessert was lime chiffon cake.

Levinksi says she had about 300 students register for her class this year but she can only take about 90 into the program.



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