We had some record breaking snowfall totals in the St. Cloud area yesterday. It might have come as a surprise for unprepared Minnesotans...I mean, to be fair, it is only October and this date three years ago we had temperatures in the 70s. What's the deal, Minnesota? Here are 14 things on everyone's brain after yesterday's crazy snowfall totals. Also, just a warning, we've got another round of 4 to 8 inches of snow for central Minnesota on Thursday.

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1. It'll just be a dusting. The weather forecasters are always wrong.

2. Wow, the snow actually looks really pretty. Where's my phone? I need a Facebook photo.

3. I should have stocked up on supplies, the roads look bad.

4. I'm kind of happy I work from home right now.

5. The snow can't possibly last...right?

6. NO way, we're getting another round of snow tomorrow?! WHAAAT?!

7. It's only October! What's happening?

8. You win again, 2020.

9. So...should I cancel my outdoor fall photo session for next week, or?

10. Would it be weird if I put up the Christmas tree? Ok, how about a Christmas movie instead?

11. Maybe I'll bake something fun.

12. Crock pot...where is my crock pot?

13. What are the kids going to do on Halloween? Should we just skip it? Maybe I should find my Christmas decorations.

14. Wait, is there enough gas for the snow blower? Oh, no!


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