It doesn't matter if you love snow or if you hate it. There's something about the first snowfall of the year that's so peaceful, calming and magical. All Minnesotans can appreciate the beauty. The first snowfall unites us. Here are 13 things Minnesotans do when the first snowfall is in the forecast.

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1. Take photos. Yes, we love to document the first snowfall of the year. People will put on their 'reporter' hats and post the first photos and video to Facebook. We can't help ourselves.

2. They'll go outside without a jacket and run around in it. It's almost like the first snowfall of the year is magical. You kind of don't realize it's cold outside.

3. They'll all talk about how beautiful it is. Even if you hate snow, you appreciate the first snowfall.

4. We call people out for saying the dreaded 'S' word. Don't you dare say 'snow' in October. Don't think it, don't speak it. It's pretty, but we don't want it.

5. We bust out the crock pot. Did you see the dreaded 'S' word in the weekend forecast? Time to make a pot of beef stew.

6. We act like it's here to stay even though we know it's not. We turn on the heat, find the winter coat, etc. only to reverse this behavior the following week when it's 70 degrees out.

7. We cancel plans even though the first snowfall is usually a very light dusting. If you had plans to go to the pumpkin patch, you're on the phone with your sister canceling it all. There's snow in the forecast for Saturday.

8. We forget how to drive. I think it's because we're memorized by it all.

9. Everyone with inground sprinklers is panicking if they haven't winterized them yet.

10. Start your snow blower to make sure it works. You know you're not going to have to use it just yet. But, the first snowfall is a reminder to make sure you've got your poop in a group before the real snowfall hits.

11. We shed our summer skin (clothes) and switch out our closet with our winter gear.

12. We make our favorite warm drink. Chances are you'll be drinking some sort of hot chocolate, apple cider or pumpkin spice drink this weekend.

13. We cozy up on the couch with either a good book or one of our favorite movies. This is pretty much what I do year round but definitely on the first snowfall.

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