It takes one to know one. I'll admit it...I'm a Christmas addict. My name is Ashli and I have a sickness...that sickness is called CHRISTMAS. It really is 'the most wonderful time of the year.' I even sang that last part as I wrote it. Anyway, here's how to spot the Christmas addicts in your life.

1. You've already started listening to Christmas music in the car, while you're baking, and maybe even at the office.

2. You're watching Christmas movies on Netflix in your free time. Yep, you know you've watched 'The Holiday Calendar', 'Christmas Inheritance' and 'A Christmas Prince'. You're holding off on watching the classics until December...or trying to.

3. You've just casually browsed the Christmas section at the department store. You even lied to yourself and said you weren't going to buy anything....but, hello new Christmas tree bulbs.

4. Your lights are already on your house...they aren't turned on yet...but, they're there. You might have turned them on once or twice just to "make sure they are working."

5. Your Christmas tree might even be set up and the star of your living room. Yes, you totally lost all self control once you saw all of this snow on the ground. You're not alone.


6. You picked up extra sugar, flour, chocolate chips and other baking supplies when you were at the grocery store. You keep telling yourself it's for Thanksgiving...but, you know the truth. #HolidayBaking

7. You purposefully went to Starbucks for the holiday cup. Was it worth it?

8. You've gone into Bath & Body Works more than normal lately because you wanted to look at the holiday collection. Then, you filled up a basket...

9. Your wardrobe has a lot more red and green in it lately. You're just waiting for the day you can wear your ugly sweater to work. You might even be a real rebel who started wearing Christmas earrings, bracelets, socks or necklaces already. It's all about the accessories.

10. You've reserved your spot in line to see Santa. You're not leaving it up to chance like the normal folk...oh no! You don't have a're just planning ahead...

11. Your weekends are booked from Thanksgiving to Christmas time with holiday activities. Your voicemail may as well say, 'Sorry, you won't be able to reach me until the new year.'

12. You're done dieting until the holidays are over. I mean, calories don't count in the month of December, right?

13. You consider Thanksgiving to be the hurdle you need to jump over before you get to enjoy Christmas. You're ready for it!

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