Tim's goal is to see 5,000 people read one of his blog posts.

A 12-year old Rochester boy has launched an aspiring food blog. Tim Schroeder is the (young) mastermind behind Tim's Tidbits, a new food blog.

"I got the idea because I've always liked food, and I've always liked to express my opinions. And I've watched a few cooking shows. So I figured, ya know, I'm just gonna give this blog a shot."

His goal is to have 5,000 people read one blog post, which is no small goal. Tim's well on his way already, though, with three blog posts already featuring Rochester restaurants like Buffalo Wild Wings, Hunan Garden and Smoak. You may wonder what a 12-year old could have to say about a chain restaurant like Buffalo Wild Wings, but keep in mind -- this is Tim's Tidbits. For instance, did you know that Americans eat about 18,000 wings in their lives which breaks down to about 563 per tooth? Bet ya didn't!

Tim's taking this food blog thing pretty seriously, and -- at such a young age -- we're willing to be he hits his goal...one day!

Check out Tim's Tidbits here.

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