Happy first official day of spring, Minnesota! We've weathered another long, cold, snowy winter. We definitely deserve all of the joy that comes to us today. There are certain things we all do on the first day of spring!

  • Start spring cleaning tasks
  • Check the weather forecast, and talk about it with everyone
  • Clean the garage
  • Dust off the ol' grill and give the crock pot a break
  • Walk...everywhere...outside
  • Roll down the car windows
  • Put the winter jackets away...but in close reach, you know, in case.
  • Bust out the lawn...or deck furniture. Heck, even if there's snow on the ground, we'll clear some space.
  • Get your vehicle washed...and maybe even clean out the inside too!
  • Shop for spring apparel, or grab you spring clothes out of storage
  • Stock up on allergy medication...isn't pollen fun?!
  • Get your gardening stuff ready!

Enjoy today! It's YOUR day, Minnesota! You earned this. Way to be brave and tough. Time to relax, kick back...oh, no...time to get your spring cleaning into high gear!

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