It's the last day of school for many central Minnesota students! School is about to be out for the summer and it couldn't be a better day to be a kid!

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You get to wear you summer clothes!

You return all of your heavy books back to the library!!

You are excited because you get to bring your pencil box home and play with all of the supplies.

Someone always brings treats!

It's basically movie day in all of your classes!

Yearbook signing is your only assignment.

Lunch consists of all of the leftovers and it is AWESOME--all of the leftover string cheese sticks and ice cream sandwiches you can eat!

There are always rumors about a lunch food fight that never really gets enough momentum to take off.

You cleanout your locker and find some lost treasures!

When the bell rings, you'll be on summer mode!

The buses are always full of kids you didn't know that are heading to friends houses for the weekend!

And, that will make the bus drivers very upset.

Happy summer vacation!

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