It's funny because the older I get, the more I realize that it's true what they say. Minnesotans certainly have a way about us. We have our triggers, our traditions and things we hold dear. If you're from Minnesota, you'll totally be able to relate. If you're not from Minnesota, this list might be confusing. Take a look and let us know what 'unwritten' rules you think we should add to our list.


1. Don't plan anything over the deer hunting opener, fishing opener, Vikings playoff games or 4th of July weekend. Everything else is fair game. You better pick a new date to have that wedding and don't even think about going into labor.

2. Don't try out a 'Minnesota accent' if you're not from Minnesota. You just end up seeming like a rude person with a poor Canadian accent.

3. Don't debate us over the whole 'gray duck vs. goose' thing. You're not going to get anywhere. Call it what you want, you'll still lose the game against us! We're #ProStatus

4. If you're a Packers fan, keep it to yourself.

5. We don't eat the yellow snow.

6. We wear shorts when it's 50 degrees.

7. Meat and Potatoes is a staple in our diet.

8. You must understand there are like 10,000 ways to make a hot dish...the tater tot kind is just one of many...and my mom makes it the best.

9. Not taking 30 minutes to say goodbye to someone is a 'mood'.

10. We're humble, we're kind and we're a little sassy.

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