I'm a central Minnesota girl born and raised. I've learned one thing for sure, October snow makes everyone upset. Even the snowmobiles get triggered because they know it won't last.

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1. You're rethinking your Halloween costume. Someone might have even referred to the 1991 Halloween Blizzard.

2. Someone in your household has talked about getting the snowblower ready. I'd compare gas prices first...things are a little spendy right now.

3. You are running to the store to get your grocery shopping done before the snow comes...you know, just in case.

4. It's finally time to bring in the lawn furniture for the year...unless you're one of those rogue people who likes to leave it sit out all year.

5. You've told at least one other person (or 100) about the snow that's on the way. You've definitely overheard other people talking about it.

6. You're secretly wondering if it's too early to pull out the Christmas tree and start getting your Christmas on (Yes, it's way too early).

7. You're dreading your route to work tomorrow. If you don't have a garage space, you're looking up new homes or apartments today.

8. You've checked your bank account to see if there's enough money to go on a vacation somewhere warm.

9. You've tried to wish it away. I mean, meteorology is the only profession where you can be wrong 50% of the time and still have a job...right?

10. You might not change your routine at all because you're convinced it won't last. You're also the same person who gets upset when the hardware store is out of shovels because you didn't plan ahead.

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