Central Minnesota is a pretty cool place, and since it is in Minnesota, we aren't too big on bragging. But there are things we definitely should be bragging about!

1. The Quarries - Cliff jumping on a hot summer day, what is cooler than that?!

2. Val's - Mouths water at the thought of it.

3. Golf Courses - There are over 10 within a 45 minute drive of St. Cloud, catering to different skill levels and all kept in awesome condition.

4. Splash Pads - Free and refreshing all summer long!


5. Summertime By George - 10,000 people show up for this almost every Wednesday evening all summer long. Where else does that happen?!

6. Crossroads Mall - You have to drive to the Cities or Fargo to reach the next nearest comparable shopping mall. It's worth bragging about.

7. Wobegon Trail - Biking, walking, roller blading, all options on a beautiful evening on the trail.

8. Downtown St. Cloud - AMAZING locally owned places to eat, drink, and shop. Plus parking is free on Saturdays and Sundays.

9. Patios - Want to eat outside. Pick a place, chances are good they have a patio. We love being outside in Central Minnesota!

10. How humble we are about where we live. No need to explain further.


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