I'm not a weather forecaster--even though I am a weather geek. But, I can predict upcoming weather conditions based on other factors that you can't read on a weather map. I know that snow is coming, here's how.


1. Peak fall color season is over--According to the Minnesota DNR, most of Minnesota is past our peak color change for the season.

2. Thanksgiving is less than a month away...and Black Friday too. Yep, Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 22. You do the math.

3. Christmas is less than TWO months away. Yes, CHRISTMAS. We'll for sure have some snow on the ground in less than 60 days. YIKES!

4. Everything is wet. It rained yesterday, there's rain in the forecast Thursday and Saturday. Mother Nature is preparing the ground for winter. I'm not liking it.

5. The college football season is almost over. St. Cloud State University's last home game of the year was LAST weekend. They've got two games left in their regular season before it's over.

6. Hockey is in full force. The St. Cloud State Men's Hockey team are back in action and so is the Minnesota Wild. The true signs that we've officially flipped seasons.

7. Stores are already advertising their holiday hours and Black Friday deals.

8. Christmas decorations are already in stores. I was at Crossroads with my sister last weekend and I bought some festive Christmas underwear and holiday scented candles. It's starting!

9. Pumpkins and costumes are pretty picked over in the store. Most people already celebrated their Halloween parties last weekend.

10. Daylight Savings time is ending. Yes, it's time to fall back an hour on Sunday. The time change happens at 2 a.m. Sunday morning.

In conclusion, snow is knocking on our doorsteps...measurable, cold, bitter snow.


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