The weather forecasts always seem wrong, the weather doesn't ever cooperate with our plans and wishes and people don't know what season they're supposed to be dressing for. That's always the case when you're living a Minnesota spring. So, to help you out, or those new to the party, here are 10 rules of surviving a Minnesota Spring.


1. The temperature in your car will not be right for a few months. It's that awkward time of year where you have the heat on full blast in the morning and the AC on max by the afternoon.

2. Don't pull out the shorts until it's at least 60 degrees in the morning. This isn't Naked And Afraid. You don't get bonus points for freezing your butt off. If you break this rule, at least make sure you wear a hoodie. Shorts and hoodies are a Minnesota staple look.

3. Thou shalt cover thy plants until the frost is gone. I've killed more than my fair share of green babies by not following this direction.

4. Coats are a must in the morning. My mom always says..."it's not a fashion show."  I treat my spring fashion like an onion. I layer up at the start of the day and then peel back the layers toward the end.

5. Always pack an umbrella, because you just really don't ever know.

6. Mud is everywhere. Don't wear shoes you actually like...and for the love, don't wear heals. You might also want to avoid white pants until the mud clears...splash back might make it look like you had an embarrassing accident.

7. Don't put away your ice scraper just yet. Morning dew freezes to your windows, and it's almost as bad as snow and ice.

8. Don't make long term outdoor plans. The weather will likely ruin them. I make my plans hour by hour at this point.

9. Take out the lawn furniture at your own risk. All I'm sayin' is, I just wouldn't until mid-May.

10. Fight the urge to mow your grass. You should wait until it reaches 2-3 inches before your first mow of the year otherwise you could injure it and create problems all year.

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