In Minnesota, we can get pretty down about the below degree temperatures, freezing rain, patches of black ice, cold cars and lots of snow to shovel. But, I'm here to tell you that winter can actually be the best season.


1. Snowmobiling--It's a way of life in the north. It's like our winter motorcycle.

2. Ice skating--Putting on a pair of skates will instantly give you dreams of becoming a figure skating Olympian.

3. Hot chocolate--This is the drink of the north! It's something that you really can't appreciate during the summer. It's just not the same.

4. Snowmen--Minnesotans take their snowmen seriously....kind of like Foley Farmer named Greg Novak who made a 50-foot-tall snowman in 2014.

5. Snow angels--There's nothing better than falling backwards into a blanket of fresh snow and flailing your arms and legs until it resembles an angel.

6. Snow days--Every Minnesota kid knows the excitement of waking up early and to see their school show up on the cancellations page of their local news station. It's like Christmas morning!

7. Ice castles--If you've never been to an ice castle during a Minnesota winter then you haven't really lived.

8. Icicles--when I was a kid these were like toys to us. They probably weren't the safest toys around but we loved them!

9. Ice fishing--It get's pretty serious here in Minnesota. Every lake quickly turns into a small village once the ice freezes.

10. You don't feel guilty for watching Netflix--In the summer, I feel bad when I sit inside the house on a beautiful 75 degree day to binge watch a show--but, not in the winter time! I know I'm not missing out on great weather.

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