I feel like there are many people who call themselves Minnesotan but, I question whether they really are TRUE Minnesotans.

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1. A true Minnesotan MUST own a crock pot AND use it frequently.

2. A true Minnesotan has gone trick-or-treating with a winter coat, boots, gloves, hats and scarves covering up their entire costume.

3. A true Minnesotan wears shorts when it's 50 degrees.

4. A true Minnesotan can recite the story of Paul Bunyan on cue.

5. It takes a true Minnesotan 30 minutes to say goodbye to anyone or part ways with anything. Yes, we stick around for the end credits at movies.

6. Your favorite food involves some sort of meat and potatoes item. There are other food groups? Oh, yeah...DESSERT!

7. Your family members use phrases like "warsh the squarsh" and you know what they are trying to tell you.

8. You dread going to school in the winter because waiting for the bus when it's negative degrees SUCKS!

9. Forget what color the widely debated blue and black dress is, you're more concerned with white and yellow snow.

10. You say "aunt" not this "ant" crap. People make fun of your accent sometimes but you're proud of where you come from.

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