We've all been stuck inside for months...and boy do we feel it. It's such a beautiful day, it would be a crime to stay indoors. Here are the 10 commandments of enjoying a beautiful Minnesota spring day!


1. Leave work early, has to be first on the list. I mean, will your boss really notice? Today is a great day to suddenly remember you have a "dentist appointment" this afternoon.

2.Get a car wash. We definitely all need them right now. No one can tell what color our cars are. It would be great if someone invented a car wash check-in system so you can avoid the long lines!

3. Eat lunch outside. If you can't play hooky today, maybe an outdoor picnic on your lunch break is in order.

4. Leave the jacket inside today. It's GORGEOUS outside. You don't need a jacket...are you a Floridian?

5. Bust out the lawn furniture. It's finally time to dust off the patio furniture and enjoy the sunshine.

6. Grill. We've waited a very long time for our grilled meats (unless you're my grandma...she grills all winter).

7. Sneak in some ice cream. I eat ice cream all winter, but especially on warm spring days. Nothing sounds better than DQ, Cold Stone or Mr. Twisty...perhaps browse the ice cream isle at your local grocery store.

8. Clean the garage. If you have one, it really probably needs a good sweeping.

9. Walk your dog, or baby. Stroller rage is all the rage today. If you don't have a dog or baby...it's probably time to start thinking about getting one of them. #TisTheSeason

10. Organize your spring clothes. It's officially time to make the switch from your fall and winter apparel to your spring and summer.

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