I LOVE county fair season! It's one of my favorite times of the year. I always make sure to get myself a corn dog, cheese curds and of course mini doughnuts. It's all fun until you see people breaking the rules. Every year I see fair attendees making these 10 mistakes. Make sure you're not THAT person at the fair this year. Here are the 10 commandments of attending a county fair.


1. Thou shall skip using the ATM. Even if the line isn't long (it usually is) the fees are INSANE. Remember to bring your cash. You'll thank yourself later.

2. Thou shall not wear open toed shoes. Sandals are super cute and breezy in the summer but they don't look so great after you've stepped in a big pile of animal poop or someone's fallen leftovers.

3. Thou shall visit the animal displays AFTER you've eaten. This one is pretty self explanatory. Think about the germs. Ever heard the phrase 'don't ish where you eat'? Well, don't let animals ish where you eat, either.

4. Thou shall not park people in...or in front of mailboxes. Ugh! Tina, we know it's hot out and you don't want to walk 5 blocks to get your annual turkey leg...we get it. But, you still can't just park where you want.

5. Thou shall control thy stroller rage. Pam and Chris, we totally know the struggle is real being parents with a baby but there are other people in the walkway too.

6. Thou shall use the trash cans...that means you, Phyllis and Kurt.

7. Thou shall share table space...This isn't 'Mean Girls'. You don't need an entire picnic table to yourself when there's a family of 5 standing around waiting for you to finish your text.

8. Thou shall not be pushy with the free swag. The table that's handing out chip clips isn't there to make sure that everyone in your family tree gets one. Don't be greedy.

9. Thou shall Flush. The. Dang. Toilet. There always seems to be globs of wet, soggy toilet paper wads living on the floor, floaters in the bowl and tinkle on the seat. Figure it out.

10.Thou shall have fun. It's a county fair after all!

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