Minnesota Vikings fans are true and tough. We're used to getting our hopes up high only to watch them crash and burn in front of us. And, yet, we pick ourselves back up every year. We're the heart of the north! All Vikings fans live and die by these ten commandments.


1. We wear purple. If the Vikings don't play until Sunday, we all show up to work in purple on Friday to show support to the football gods.

2. We hate the Packers. This one is self explanatory.

3. Get used to losing. I'm not talking about losing a random game here and there. I'm talking about getting used to losing when everything is on the line. We know what real loss feels like.

4.  Randy Moss is legend. His talent + ego = entertainment. #StraightCashHomie

5. We miss the dome. Being a Vikings fan isn't supposed to be flashy, it's real.

6. We know the significance of the Gjallarhorn. It's blown at every home game to let our opponent know we're coming for them!

7. We only plan things on bye week. Birthday parties, pumpkin patch adventures, weddings and even births--if you can wait for it, all happen on bye weeks. We can't miss a game.

8. We know the Skol Vikings song. Otherwise, go back to Wisconsin.

9. We think Ragnar is a traitor He was our lovable unofficial mascot until 2015...when he put on a Packers-style Cheesehead. Now, it's Ragnar who?

10. Cold is our way of life. One of our favorite things in life is watching the Vikings play an outdoor game in freezing temps against a sissy team that can't handle it. #VikingsPride

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