Is it a coincidence that we have a Winter Storm Warning on National Margarita Day in central Minnesota? I don't think so. I think Mother Nature knew exactly what she was doing. But, here's a pro-tip. If you plan to make margarita slushies with the snow today, make sure you don't use the yellow stuff. If you're not in the mood to make them yourself, here are some of the best places around St. Cloud to get a margarita today according to Yellow Pages!

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  1. Veranda Lounge (22 5th Ave S in St. Cloud)
  2. Howie's Sports Bar & Grill (101 9th Ave N in St. Cloud)
  3. Duck's Sports Bar & Grill (3606 W Division in St. Cloud)
  4. Brothers Bar & Grill (119 5th Ave S in St. Cloud)
  5. D.B. Searles (18 5th Ave S in St. Cloud)
  6. Lincoln Depot (629 Lincoln Ave SE in St. Cloud)
  7. Granite City Food & Brewery (3945 2nd Street S in St. Cloud)
  8. Red Carpet Nightclub (11 5th Ave South in St. Cloud
  9. Old Capital Tavern (2 N Benton Dr. in Sauk Rapids)
  10. Mt's On 8th (2022 Veterans Drive in St. Cloud)


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