Hot chocolate is good all by itself. Throw in a little extra something for the adults, and kick it up a notch! Here are several ways to do just that.

1.  Pumpkin pie hot chocolate.  Add white chocolate, pumpkin puree, and pumpkin pie liqueur.

2.  Mint hot chocolate.  Add tequila and peppermint schnapps.

3.  Nutella hot chocolate.  It actually doesn't have Nutella in it.  You just put in some brandy and Frangelico.

4.  El Dorado hot chocolate.  All it takes is rum and cinnamon liqueur.

5.  Oaxaca Chaka Cocktail.  Put hot chocolate together with cinnamon and tequila.  (The name is pronounced "Wa-HAH-ka CHAH-ka."  Named after a state in southern Mexico.)

6.  Red Wine hot chocolate.  Use bittersweet hot chocolate and red wine.

7.  The hot chocolate martini.  Add vanilla vodka and Bailey's.  Plus two maraschino cherries.

8.  Hot mint chocolate toddy.  Add Kahlua and peppermint schnapps.  Maybe some little marshmallows and chocolate flakes if you want to go next-level with it.

9.  Frozen hot chocolate margarita.  This one is frozen hot chocolate, tequila, Kahlua, and Grand Marnier.  With chocolate sprinkles instead of salt.

10.  Orange hot chocolate.  Add Pisco and Grand Marnier.

11.  Coconut white hot chocolate.  White hot chocolate and coconut rum.

12.  Peppermint hot chocolate.  Just add peppermint schnapps.

13.  "Grown Up" hot chocolate.  Add marshmallow vodka and homemade Bailey's marshmallows.

14.  Bacon and hazelnut hot chocolate.  Add bourbon and Frangelico, and dip a piece of bacon right in there like a stirring stick.

15.  Irish hot chocolate.  Add Guinness, whisky, and Bailey's.

Thanks to for the delicious ideas!