There are those moments and special events in life that you might say take the cake… and MIX 94.9 and Icing Dreams Specialty Cakes are teaming up to take that special event in your life over the top!

If you have a landmark event coming up in your life between Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, we want to hear about it- It might be an anniversary, birthday or a major milestone in a relative’s life.

Just tell us in an email why your landmark life event deserves an amazing, over the top theme cake from Icing Dreams Specialty Cakes and we’ll make it for you. Better yet we’ll come to your event and unveil it as a surprise for your guests!

You have until January 31st to tell us about your landmark life event in an email to and the crew at Icing Dreams Specialty Cakes might choose your event to take the cake!