Father's Day is this Sunday, June 15... don't forget that after reading this.

After raising you to the best of his ability, even if that meant you had to run to the fridge and grab him another cold beer at five-years-old, don't forget how much dad has done for you and how long you have depended on him.

According to a survey, you're well into middle age before you stop calling your dad every time something breaks. 41-years-old is the average age people stop relying on their dad every time something breaks around the house.

That goes for men and women. 70-percent of men say they still call their dads for help and 75-percent of women.

Here are the Top 10 jobs we still rely on dad's help for... don't forget this list or the number 41, while shopping for dad's Father's Day gift.

Top 10

1. Fixing the heat

2. Fixing the toilet

3. Fixing a leaky pipe

4. Building a wall

5. Fixing a faucet that drips

6. Changing a fuse

7. Building a patio

8. Installing a kitchen

9. Putting up a fence

10. Anything involving a power tool