Chicken Wild Rice. Bouja. Dead Canadien Chili. You've heard of them, (ok, maybe not that last one, but I'll get to that in a second) and of course, you've tasted your share of soups and chilis at family gatherings.  Maybe you've even been the subject of familial adoration for your lovingly made soup or chili. Have your friends and relatives told you at some point,'That soup is the best I've ever tasted!'. If you have, it's time to make that claim true!

The Cold Spring Jaycees are holding their 5th Annual Soup and Chili Bowl on January 29th. The annual soup-off is conveniently held at the Cold Spring Brewery Distribution Center, and I say conveniently because they sell beer at the event, you know it's gotta be right off the brewery tap, because you're literally surrounded by it during the event.

Here's the best part of the Soup and Chili Bowl- YOU get to decide who has the best. You sample, you vote and the winners hug and scream. Last year we taste-tested around 30 soups and chilis and let me tell you, the Gouda Cheese was insane. It was so good they ran out within an hour of the competition. You go head to head with your neighbors, all the soups versus one another and the same for the chilis.

Now to explain the 'Dead Canadien Chili'. For the last three years our afternoon DJ Ty James and myself (Peter K) have had a head to head competition as to who makes the best chili. Ty has won all three years. Mostly due to cheating. He admits it. So this year, I'm expecting you to come out, sample my chili and Ty's chili and I'll make sure he doesn't cheat out a win again this year. Because you and I both know that any chili called Dead Canadien Chili has to be good, right? I mean it's made from real dead Canadien stuff.

Plus if I win this year, I will, for the first time ever, reveal my recipe right here on the website.

If you want to enter your chili or soup in the Cold Spring Jaycee's 5th Annual Soup and Chili Bowl just click here.