Rice is a pretty small town, but it was a great place to grow up in. Everyone seemed to know everyone. Just because the town was small, didn't mean there wasn't a lot going on. How many of these things can you relate to?

1. You did all of your grocery shopping at Janski's Grocery. You'd check your Tootsie Pop wrapper to see if you had the bow and arrow with the star on it. If you did, you got a free sucker!

2. You spent many summer nights watching softball at the Rice ball fields.

3. You helped out at the church bizarre every year. Even if you didn't help out, you were definitely at it.

4. The street dance was pretty much the highlight of the summer.

5. You not only knew about the alleged haunted white house in Rice, you've told the story a million times.

6.  Ice skating at the rink in Rice was the bomb! They have a really neat warming house where you and your friends would hang out.

7. You always wanted to go inside of the old "school house" that was transformed into someone's house.

8. You secretly wanted to live in the house with the lion gate.

9. Biking was one of your biggest hobbies as a child. That's pretty much all you did. Biking through small sand tornadoes got kind of intense sometimes.

10. Tubing at Two Rivers and swimming at Benton Beach were great past times.

11. You know someone who had their wedding reception at the Rice Village Hall.

12. The town garage sale was a big event.

13. The volleyball pit at O'Briens Pub always looked like a ton of fun.

14. You attended Rice Elementary and played at the park. You loved the park!

15. You remember when Picadilly's Pizza and Old Creamery were pretty much your only dinning options. You probably even wanted to work at Picadilly's when you were a teen.

16. You remember the "secret bike jumps" in the woods. Everyone knew about them, so I guess they weren't so secret.

17. You played hide-and-seek in one of the two graveyards at night.

18. You were related to pretty much everyone in town.

19. You were really big into snowmobiling and dirt biking. It was just a way of life.

20. You knew where all of the new housing developments were and would bike by them a lot. You were always interested in new businesses to the area. It was mind blowing when they got a McDonald's and Subway.

21. June bugs were the WORST.

22. When someone wanted to say they were going to St. Cloud, they'd say "I'm going into town." You knew exactly what they meant.

23. Bonus points if you know someone in this picture!

Is there anything I'm missing?!