Now that Oprah is off the air, she will forever still be in our homes, cellphones, and laptops via email. On her last episode she encouraged us to email her our thoughts. O even said if you get something in your inbox from her, it will be directly from her. Also saying she will try and read as many as emails as she can. Girl, you got your work cut out for you! is her personal email. Millions of fans have already emailed her and have even gotten a reply back. What's making them a little angered is that its just an auto reply. Not personalized at all. Just simply thanking them for emailing her and that she is on vacation and will write back soon. How many times does a big celebrity like Oprah really email people back? I can only guess not many. Give the woman a break! She's pretty popular. The simple fact that she encouraged you to email her and even sent out a generic reply is going beyond what others do. It's better than not getting anything at all. And if I were on vacation, I wouldn't email back either.

"I want you to know that what you have to say matters to me." Well thank you O. Now can I have a car?

I'm not sure if she took to her FACEBOOK page  to address the angered fans, but she had this to say while on vacation.

Hello my friends,
Thank you for the kindest words I've ever heard. It's so rewarding to hear how the show has impacted your life in profound and simple ways.
Thank you for your good wishes.
I'm bolstered and fueled by the energy of your every good thought.
A week ago , I was saying good bye.
Now finally away on vaca. Relaxing. Trying not to eat too much. But had 2 slices of the best pizza ever in life today. WHITE TRUFFLE!.
Had to stop myself. Could have eaten the whole thin sliced, home made thing.
Catching up on reading:UNBROKEN. By Laura Hillenbrand
I know so many of you have read already. It's as good as everybody says. 72 pgs. in, can't put it down.
Will not be emailing or checking emails on vaca but didn't want you to miss SONS of PERDITION on OWN tomorrow nite. June 2. 9E
Fascinating doc worth your time. About the young boys forced to leave the polygamist camps to make room for the men to marry the young girls.
I love a good documentary, like a good book.
Hope your summer's off to a good start, no matter where you are..
My new ambition is to make a treasure of the small moments.
All of your emails are mini treasures. As was that White Truffle pizza.

Relax O! You are on vacation! You were in our homes for 25 years, you deserve a break, get back to us when you can!

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