Don't try to get people between the ages of 18-23 to buy into this but they're not adults just yet!  A new study found that peoples brains don't fully develop until age 24.  Up until that age, the brain is still in its adolescent phase where it's less equipped to assess risk or handle drinking and drugs.

When you look at U.S. statistics from the study, people ages 18-23 have the highest rates of drug / alcohol abuse, obesity and violent deaths. I have to agree with this study done by "The Lancet" and feel that's why you see a majority of people within that age group still acting like teenagers.

Thoughts?  I know for me personally, I didn't really come into my own until after age 25 and really hit my stride after age 30.  I accomplished so many things professionally in my earl years but was still immature when it came to how I handled  my personal relationships.