Yes. That's right. Smell Dating. It's a real thing. How much fun does it sound like? Would you wear a t shirt for three days without deodorant or perfume, and then mail it off to a lab, to be cut up into pieces, and mailed to potential mates?

Then the Smell Dating service sends samples back to you, and you smell them. When you find a scent that you 'like,' you let them know and if that person matches that they like your 'scent', they connect you. Even in blind experiments, subjects smell preferences typically align with their desires.


The smell dating service doesn't discriminate either on age, gender, ethnicity...anything. They say when it comes to long term, smell dating closes the digital experience and restores the molecular intuition. Meaning, you may think you're going to be matched to a guy, but it just might be a girl.

Hanna Johnston/Youtube