The older I get, the harder it is to lose weight. I've lost some weight on my own, and now I'm working towards a program that I think will help me lose the rest of it. But what about belly fat? Belly fat is the ONLY kind of fat that I can't live with on my body. Give me a large chest, rear end, thighs...arms... I really don't care. It's when it's in my stomach area, that it makes me so incredibly uncomfortable.

We've all heard it. Once you get belly fat, you can't lose it! So what do you think?  Is this true? Over the next 30 weeks, I'm going to put this question to the test, and we'll see if you truly can lose belly fat without liposuction.

On that question: Would you try liposuction? Have you ever thought about it? How much it costs? Will you see results like the stars do? If you or someone you know has tried liposuction, and liked it or hated it, please let us know.

Email me at: and we'll discuss our responses. Thanks for sharing!