Some people keep their whole lives in their phones. With pictures, social media accounts and the like losing your phone is sometimes worse than losing your wallet and it turns out, if we find a random phone chances are we're going to snoop through it. So, what are we looking for? 

Security firm Symantec placed 50 fully charged "bait phones" around New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Ottawa, Canada to see what would happen and here's what they discovered.

The phones were loaded with private sounding apps like Private Pix, Online Banking and Corporate Email. None of the apps contained any real data, but did notify Symantec when they were accessed but did track what they looked at after they tried accessing those apps. Almost everyone immediately went rooting through the phone looking for social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter and 43 percent tried to access banking information.

Have you ever found a phone? Did you look through it to find out how to get it back to the person or because you were curious?