This sounds like something out of The National Enquirer, but it's not. I've actually had people try to sell me filters for water by saying they could filter out their own urine, and then would drink the pure water that's left behind. AND...they actually drink it to prove it.

This story is sort of like that...and I'm just sayin'...I'm not in!

Stone Brewing Company in San Diego just created a new beer called Full Circle Pale Ale that's made out of...sewage water....Yes! Sewage Water.


The people at Stone Brewing Company want to prove that the water is safe to drink, so they are going to prove it by making this pale ale...and call it a very clean tasting beer.

I'll drink beer made of lavendar, cotton, oreo cookies, wheaties, but NOT sewage water.

Would you drink this beer? Would you try it?