Everyone has tried a diet or two in their lives and now there's a new diet that helps you lose weight based on smell. 

The smell of food can affect how much if it we eat. Duh. If it smells good, of course I want to eat it and lots of it, but a new study out of the Netherlands says that strong smells lead to smaller bite sizes and may be used in portion control. What?

The research suggests that smaller bites are linked to slower flavor release which is likely to explain why we take smaller bites of unfamiliar or disliked foods. They even go so far as to suggest that chefs use garlic as a strong aroma to lead to smaller portions. The study also says that manipulating the odor of food may result in a five to ten percent decrease in bite size.

That's great, but garlic is a big ingredient in a lot of Italian cooking so why is it that I can eat a slice of lasagna the size of my head?