Every once in awhile, you run across someone who you just can't help but feel sorry for. Case in point; Kathy Beth Terry. She has set up a fan page for herself on Facebook. But alas, NO ONE was clicking her 'LIKE' button. When we saw this video of poor nerdy Kathy, we thought we'd help her out.

What makes this so sad, is that, in the video, she claims to have had an online chat with music superstar Katy Perry.

We hate to break it to you, Kathy, but that was just our new night DJ Jade. During her show ClubMIX (7pm to Midnite weeknights), she pretends to be Katy Perry in online chat rooms. We're trying really hard to block her internet.

To make up for it, we're posting Kathy's video below and asking you to do us a solid and 'LIKE' sweet, geeky Kathy Beth Terry.