Does it really matter if Brangelina wed or not? Some people think so. Personally, I believe to each their own. They have been together for six years, and have six children. Yes, getting married would make things "official" but even now days domestic partnerships have many rights, compared to what was noted years ago.

They have even said in the past they wont marry until its legal for everyone else in a stance to support gay marriage. But now it seems their kids, not the media, may push them down the isle. Brad said in an interview with USA Weekend that the kids are asking about marriage. "It's meaning more and more to them. So it's something we've got to look at." No date or official word on a future wedding were said in the interview. In comparison, granted they don't have any kids together, but the Royal Newlyweds dated for 8 years before saying 'I Do.'

My personal views on marriage, agree or disagree with me, but I think it's just a piece of paper. You have to get a marriage license to make it official, you can have the wedding, but without that paper it's not legal. I've had friends that have forgotten about that little piece of paper, or ran out of time before the wedding. I don't need legal documentation saying this man loves me. Not saying weddings are bad, because it sure helps a couple grow together. Making all those big decisions together can be stressful, but a preview of the ups and downs of real life situations. So if you don't want to get married, I say don't. If you want to get married, I say go for it it. Who cares what people think. Live your life how you want it, not how others want you to live it.

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