Super Bowl Sunday is almost here and while there will likely be guys there, I am encouraging you to not try and pick up a date. Here's why.

Sure, your brother's Super Bowl party will be mostly his friends and if you think one of them may be Mr. Right, It's better to wait for another time to ask them out.

Super Bowl foods are messy. Wings, pizza, chips and dip are all not romantic foods to be seen eating and it's also not romantic when someone tries to ask you out with wing sauce on their cheek and broccoli in their teeth. Although if he has Doritos cheese dust under his nails and garlic on his breath, you may make a cute couple, but I still advise against it.

Between the game, the commercials or the cheerleaders, they're going to be way too focused on the television to pay one iota of attention to what you're saying. This is also true after you've been dating or married for a while, but you want to start out on the right foot. Plus there isn't any time to really talk to someone on any level to get to know them. You can't even use halftime to talk to them because they may be watching Beyonce or the Puppy Bowl. 

The object of your affection may be very moody that day. It all depends on which team they're cheering for, how the team is doing and how much money they have riding on the game. They may be too miserable and upset to notice what's going on around them. If you try to strike up a conversation, they may be irritated and snap at you and you'll get the wrong impression.

With football, and especially the Super Bowl it goes hand in hand with drinking and sloppy drunkenness may very well be a part of the day and depending on which team you're cheering for and which team they're cheering for, it will be easy to go a little overboard. If their team is losing, they're going to want to drown their sorrows. If their team is winning, they're going to want to pop a cold one in celebration.

Where ever you watch the game, be around friends, don't walk in front of the TV and please, oh please don't talk during the commercials.