You can have your cake and eat it, too. Seriously. And a bunch of other good reasons to get in front of the stove. 

You Can Put Him on a Diet - Because you can't tell him he's gained 15 pounds and you're not a fan of his man boobs. Instead, cook his favorite meals with low fat substitutes and you can always get him with grilled stuff.

It's an Excuse to go Shopping - If you buy things fresh every day, you get to go shopping every day. Plus, if you buy things fresh, they taste better and the veggies don't sit in your refrigerator and rot.

You Save Money - You could drop half a week's pay on a fancy restaurant, or you could go to CashWise and buy steaks, potatoes, asparagus, salad ingredients and candles. Party City has table cloths and Michael's has fake flowers. Grab your iPod or pull up Pandora on the home computer and select a romantic playlist and voila. A romantic meal that didn't cost you a fortune.

You Can Feed Him Aphrodisiacs - Oysters, dark chocolate, figs, honey and lobster are all known to...ahem...increase the senses. Just don't feed him all of it at once or you'll both end up passing out on the couch after dinner.

You Can Give Him Food Poisoning - Is he cheating on you? It's the ultimate revenge. Have fun romancing the cute secretary with diarrhea.

You Can Guilt Him Into Doing Dishes - Whipping up a delicious meal generally generates a pile of pots and pans. You worked hard on dinner, politely ask him if he can load the dishwasher. Bonus Points? Taking out the trash.

You Can Eat What You Want - You plan the menu, so if he likes sushi, but you want tater tot hot dish, guess who wins?