"Great sweater!" "I love your necklace." You know how wonderful it feels when someone you don't know says something nice like that to you, but you've always hesitated to say something like that to someone you don't know.  Well, here are a few reasons why you should start talking. 

The Snowball Effect - Look at any picture in any magazine (or their covers for that matter) and it's not a wonder why some people have body image troubles. The pressure to look perfect has never been higher. Not just for celebrities, but for us real people, too. That kind of negativity can really snowball, but so can compliments. If someone has a fantastic hair color, great necklace or gorgeous sweater, tell them. Compliments and admiration can snowball, too. You can't change the world with just a single compliment, but one bright positive spot can help.

You May Change Someone's Day - Offering genuine words of praise is a gift. Since you're reaching out to someone whose story you don't know and that person isn't expecting it, you don't know how powerful that can be. She may be considering a divorce, had a bad week at work or is on her way to meet a blind date and that, "WOW! I love those shoes!" likely gave her a bit of a boost and gave her more confidence. There's no guarantee, but you speaking up could totally make her day.

Karma - Even if you don't believe in the original meaning of the word, just remember that if all you do and say is negative, there's not a great chance that you're going to be showered with love and success. You get what you give, so if you say you like something, it leaves the door open for you to get complimented back.

You May Make a New Friend - Compliments are conversation starters so if the woman who sits next to you on the bus every day is wearing a beautiful scarf, tell her. Maybe it was a knitting project she worked really hard on or she scored it at a clearance sale at a store you may not be familiar with and she'll tell you where she got it or she's allergic to it and is looking for a good home to send it to and hand it over on the spot. Compliments can be door openers and you may make a new friend.